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Arizer Solo


£149 Save £24

Arizer Solo - A powerful and portable vaporizer!
Arizer Solo - A powerful and portable vaporizer! Arizer Solo Black - Included Arizer Solo Silver - Included


£149 Save £24


£149 Save £24

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of Arizer Solo on 17 Nov. 2016

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The Arizer Solo is a highly convenient and innovative portable vaporizer that is designed for all users and conditions. With a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery powering a ceramic heating element it is capable of producing vapor in less than 2 minutes. The vapor is then ready to be consumed from through the high quality glass stem. Impressive not only in size but also in technology, the Solo features an advanced temperature control with 7 different temperature settings ranging from 50°C up to 210°C. If you're looking for a high quality vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand then the Arizer Solo should definitely be your choice.

With a compact design consisting of a rock solid outer shell the Solo is protected from scratching and general wear and tear. The ceramic heating element is surrounded by a solid foundation which provides an extra layer of durability not found in other portable vaporizers. Should anything happen you can rest assured that Arizer guarantees all MagicVaporizers customers a 2 year warranty. The ceramic heater is covered by a lifetime guarantee!

Available in Black and Silver.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact & lightweight design
  • Completely portable - no cords or wires
  • High quality Lithium Ion Battery - 1 - 2 Hours of continuous use!
  • LED Temperature Control System
  • Utilizes glass instead of plastic


Accessories (Included)

  • Instruction Manual
  • Battery Charger
  • Potpourri Dish
  • 2 Diffusing Tubes (Whips)
  • Includes US/EU to UK Adapter

Arizer Solo Newest Model

The Arizer Solo vaporizer is a portable vaporizer of the highest quality. Manufactured by the talented manufacturer Arizer Tech in Canada, it uses a Lithium Ion battery to power the Stainless Steel heating element. It has the portability of the Magic Flight and the vaporization power of an electric vaporizer making it the perfect hand-held vaporizer to bring on all your adventures.


The durability of the Arizer Solo is exceptional as the outer shell consists of rock solid aluminum protecting the outside surfaces from scratching and general wear and tear. Inside there is a solid foundation protecting the heating element meaning it can have a rough ride in your backpack/purse and still be ready to vaporize at any time.


Multiple Temperature Levels

Adjust the temperature to your preference with the accurate temperature control. You can chose between the following 7 different levels of heating (warm up time):


  • Level 1 - 50°C (15 sec)
  • Level 2 - 185°C (1 min)
  • Level 3 - 190°C (1 min 10 sec)
  • Level 4 - 195°C (1 min 30 sec)
  • Level 5 - 200°C  (1 min 50 sec)
  • Level 6 - 205°C  (2 min 10 sec)
  • Level 7 - 210°C  (2 min 30 sec)


Extended Vaporization

The Lithium Ion battery allows for 1 to 2 hours of continuous use when fully charged, which is a lot longer in compared to other portable vaporizers. The Arizer Solo battery requires a 4 hour charging time to be fully charged.


Automatic Shut-Off

The Arizer Solo has a built in automatic shut-off system that kicks in after 12 minutes of idle time. To reactivate the heating simply turn it back on by pressing the button with an arrow pointing down for a couple of seconds to resume vaporizing at the previous temperature level.



There is a two year warranty guarantee on the electronics inside the Arizer Solo while the ceramic heating element is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Additional Information

Remove Compare Link No
Can vaporize Herbs
Manufacturer Arizer Tech
Size (length x width x height) 4,3 x 4,3 x 11,4 cm
Vaporizer Weight 198 g
Style Black or Silver
Power Source Lithium-Ion Battery
Heating Element Ceramic
Vapor Delivery Method Direct Consume
Country of Manufacture Canada
Warranty 2 years

Reviews of Arizer Solo

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4.8 Based on 39 ratings
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Totally ok

Shipment was fast. No complaints. I love it. The arizer is a great vaporizer. But the only thing is that I don't like why it has to shut off every 12 minutes


Andrea from Cagliari
Fantastic product, you realize it I well made only touching it. No plastic smell and very good material. Very intuitive use and very nice vapor taste. You will love this vaporizer. Very long battery life. Magicvaporizers is a very good, professional and affordable seller. Thank you very much!!

2nd buy

Getting this one for a gift for family member....so he would stop using mine...lol. No need to say much, just look at the other reviews, they tell all. Best portable, with awesome vape quality, ya can't go wrong with this one.

performs every day

At first glance when you look at the Arizer Solo your first thought is there is no way that this is a portable vape. Even though the vape it's self is rather small the long glass stems make it nearly impossible to carry around on the go. That being said this is my only con for this vape what it lacks in portability it makes up for in spades in quality and vapor production. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants desktop vapor quality in a unit you can walk around with in your house. The aromas are among the best in vape market. Battery life is very good and can be used while charging which is another bonus. Overall great investment and Great Canadian product.

Cant ask for more

Arrived today so this is just a 1 day review but what a sweet unit, smaller than expected and so very easy to learn to use. Vapor quality like the best, solid construction, fast shipping, well designed and totaly fits in my hand what more can you ask for? thats right, nothing!


Worked pretty good for 9 months. Stopped heating up. Been trying to get help with warranty. Manufacturer offers lame service and I read apparently lots of issues with battery, charger, etc. I was going to purchase one of their stationary models but not anymore. Can't trust them and it is a lot of money if you can't count on them standing behind their products. Choose another vape brand.

you wont regret buying it

This is my first Vapor device and I am very pleased with my purchase. I compared many devices at MagicVaporizers and found the Arizer Solo to have superior warranty and met all of my requirements. Since receiving my Solo I have been more than content with its performance. This is a well made device that is easy to use at home or away.


It arrived today, only after 2 days of shipping! It's simply tasteful, never tried other vaporizers before but this seems a cool one to own.

Solo for life

I used to have the iolite original when it first came out and this vaporizer blows it out of the park. I especially like that you can vape while being plugged in. The vapor quality is even comparable to the Volcano Vaporizer. Very pleased with this vape!

better than the rest

I've tried two vapes - the wispr, and the solo. the solo is definitely my favourite of the two. the vapor quality is excellent, i love the temperature control (higher for thicker vapor, lower for thinner mist). it lets you control it really well, and the vape has a very smooth feel.

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