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Easy Valve or Solid Valve

When purchasing a Volcano Vaporizer apart from the decision off which model to buy between the Volcano Classic & Volcano Digital you are also presented with the choice between two different valve systems; Solid Valve & Easy Valve. We compiled a list for you or pro's and con's so you can make an educated decision.

 Easy Valve or Solid Valve for the Volcano Vaporizer

Easy Valve

A great deal of thought and consideration has been put into the designing of the Easy Valve. Maintenance, cleaning, attaching a new balloon to the valve is no longer needed which saves time, freeing more time to do what you want to do…enjoying the fruits of the vaporizer! The balloon is already attached to the valve which can be instantly connected to the vaporizer and once the balloon is no longer useable you simply throw it away and start using another one, brilliant! The Easy Valve kit comes with 5 balloons, filling chamber and 3 upper & lower screens, each balloon lasts for about a year with everyday usage. The Easy Valve chamber is also slightly wider than the Solid Valve chamber which results in faster vaping because of the additional surface area. The negatives of the Easy Valve are because the balloons are pre-made you cannot customize the balloon size and also you will need to replace the balloons. As mentioned above each balloon lasts approximately a year which isn’t too bad but could prove more expensive in the long run compared to the Solid Valve kit.


Easy Valve for the Volcano VaporizerEasy Valve for the Volcano Vaporizer

Solid Valve

The Solid Valve is the original and standard valve for the Volcano Vaporizer. The kit comes with 3 meters of balloon material for the user to make their own balloons at a size preferable to them, the ‘norm’ is generally about 5-6 balloons from this material, however, if you wanted to make larger balloons then that is possible but you will only get 3 balloons out of the material. Again, this is all down to your preference. The balloon kit should be replaced after cleaning the valve but each balloon is good for 50-100 uses. Also instead of using official Volcano balloon material you can use any heat proof oven bags which will be more cost effective, do make sure you are using heat proof bags and NOT plastic food bags though. The downsides are that at first the balloons can be a bit tricky to make and the valve is harder to clean and requires more maintenance due to it having more parts. A sticky residue will build up overtime with usage but regular maintenance will keep your valve in good condition.


Solid Valve for the Volcano Vaporizer


Easy Valve – Pro’s & Con’s



No cleaning or maintenance needed Buying new units can become expensive in the long run
Filling chamber has a wider surface area which results in faster vapor production

Pre-made balloons means you can’t customize the bag size

Solid Valve – Pro’s & Con’s



Customize the balloons to the size you prefer It can be tricky at first to create the balloons
New balloons can be made from standard oven bags which is cost effective Regular cleaning & maintenance is required due to the number of parts