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Hydrology 9


£219 Save £44

Hydrology 9 Vaporizer
Hydrology 9 Vape Hydrology 9 - Capsule Hydrology 9 - Chamber Hydrology 9 - Parts Hydrology 9 - Cleaning Kit Hydrology 9 - Design Hydrology 9 - Included Hydrology 9 - Package Hydrology 9 Vaporizer


£219 Save £44


£219 Save £44

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of Hydrology 9 on 28 Jun. 2020.

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The Hydrology 9 is one of the most cutting-edge vaporizers on the market right now, but that didn’t happen by chance. Its success is all down to Cloudious 9's systematic, research-based approach to vaporizer design. The company took vapers' exact wants and needs into account when creating the Hydrology 9, going through numerous revisions and optimisations to get every component exactly right. The result is an innovative, hydraulic dry herb vaporizer that's perfect for anyone seeking a modern, high-quality unit for solo sessions and entertaining.

While the Hydrology 9 is technically portable, at 17.5 cm in height and 4.5 cm in diameter it's not quite pocket-sized. But that's okay—while it may not be your number one grab-and-go choice, it looks amazing as a centrepiece at any gathering. Made from aerospace-grade, rust-resistant, anodized-aluminium alloy and borosilicate glass, this vaporizer is as stylish as it is powerful. Described as a ‘lightsabre vaporizer’ thanks to its LED light system, the Hydrology 9's sleek design houses similarly futuristic features. Alongside precise temperature monitoring and a smart heat distribution device, the highlight of this unit is its spill-proof filtration system. So, if you're looking for the traditional bong experience without any of the negative effects of smoking, this vaporizer is definitely for you.

Available in Silver.


  • Liquid filtration system for bong-like experience
  • Stylish, sturdy aluminium and glass body
  • Automatic temperature monitoring
  • Built-in stirring device
  • Easy-to-understand LED indicators
  • Powerful 2000 mAh battery that lasts up to 15 sessions
  • Unique, adjustable air vents


Accessories (Included)

  • Charging cable
  • Cleaning kit set


Liquid Filtration Mimics the Bong Experience

This vaporizer's high point is reflected in its name: Hydrology. Designed to replicate the feel and taste of a bong, the Hydrology 9 features an innovative, patent-pending hydraulic filtration system that takes your sessions to the next level. Vapour is cooled by the water as it’s drawn through the unique 'tunnel tube', producing full-bodied, flavoursome, smooth clouds with each hit. If you're worried about how this affects the unit's portability, don't be—Cloudious 9 have gone above and beyond to make sure every component of the system is completely spill-proof, no matter which angle it's tilted at. What's best about the bong-like experience of this vaporizer is the added bonus of it not having any of the health drawbacks of smoking; in fact, the filtration system actually lowers carcinogen intake.


Specialised Heating System Vaporizes Efficiently

Efficiency is at the forefront of the Hydrology 9's heating system. Like many vaporizers, this unit has a high-quality conduction oven that heats up your herb in the 18 x 10 mm porcelain chamber. However, unlike many other options on the market, this vaporizer also has smart features that make sessions effortless. The first is temperature monitoring—once you've selected your preferred heat level, a microchip processor inside the Hydrology 9 tracks the unit's temperature and keeps it steady, adjusting itself within milliseconds. The second useful heat feature this device boasts tackles the main downside of conduction ovens: heat distribution. If the herb in a conduction vape isn't stirred mid-session, it won't be vaporized evenly. Cloudious 9 combats this with their patent-pending, built-in, stainless steel 'stirring' device which makes it easy to stir the contents of your chamber as needed. This scales back waste and ensures you get the full effect from your herb of choice.


Simple LED Controls Light the Way

The Hydrology 9 may have complex inner workings, but that doesn't mean it's difficult to use. In fact, it's incredibly simple to get started with thanks to the light-based control system. Once you've filled the herb and water chambers, three quick clicks of the power button will turn the vaporizer on and the power light will flash green. After a speedy 60-second heat-up, a blue LED will light up to show you that the unit is now active at the lowest temperature. There are four more temperature settings, and each one is indicated by its own light colour—blue is the lowest temperature, followed by yellow, orange, purple, and red for the highest setting. There's also an LED battery level indicator—green means full, blue means partially-full, and red means you need to charge the vaporizer.



All Hydrology 9 vaporizers sold by MagicVaporizers, an authorized distributor of Cloudious 9, are completely authentic and backed by a 2-year warranty.

Additional Information

Can vaporize Herbs
Manufacturer Cloudious9
Size (length x width x height) 4,5 x 4,5 x 17,6 cm
Vaporizer Weight 431 g
Style Silver
Power Source Battery
Heating Element Ceramic Heating Chamber (Conduction)
Vapor Delivery Method Direct
Country of Manufacture Designed in Fremont, California (USA). Manufactured in China
Warranty 2 years

Reviews of Hydrology 9

Average Rating :

4.1 Based on 34 ratings
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Almost full score

The Hydrology, to some extent, lives up to the hype. I like it a lot and it is hard not to give the makers credit for its unique, intriguing, and sleek look. I have no regrets purchasing the Hydrology but I am a bit disappointed that charging time isn’t fast enough? Takes a lot of time and since battery is not replaceable, I have to wait. This is not a major issue but it does create problems when users aren’t exactly the most patient people on the planet. In any case, I like this vape and would look forward to other innovations such as this.

Vape of the future

The Hydro9 is consistent. It removes any worries of the device getting a bit too hot at high temps, or the vapor quality suffering, or worse, having a burnt smell . I haven’t had any of that with the H9. Quite the opposite, I’ve had such a great experience with this device and I love the cool hits that I get from it. This is a great device that is versatile, efficient and exciting. It is also relatively easy to use and figure out. The Hydrology has shown us the possibility of what future portable vapes will look and function like, and I am already in line for more!

Not worth it

I think a lot of people might have oversold Hydrology as a futuristic vaporizer. I mean, yeah, it looks like it came from the future but I find that apart from that, everything else falls flat. I am disappointed when I buy relatively expensive vapes and find that performance is mediocre. I can barely taste anything with the hydrology and the most that it gives is decent vapor quality. This is also not the most portable vape, which can be a point for improvement. And because I’m not familiar with it, I was immediately confused on so many aspects. Cleaning it and further maintenance is a nightmare.

A very cool vape

I appreciate innovation so I am giving props to the makers of Hydrology 9! The vape’s design gives it a curious vibe, like it is something that magically transforms into a weapon. I am amused at the LED light show that the hydrology showcases, but might as well go along with the fun right? In terms of vapor quality, it is light and cool, which is perfect for me. Battery life is also decent, device gives me around an hour and a half when fully charged. This is an interesting vape that deserves your attention. It really offers something different and it is making a name for itself.

My most extraordinary vaporizer

I like how I draw smooth and cool hits from the hydrology. I feel like it doesn’t take much toll on my lungs and I don’t know if it has any basis, but I actually feel healthier. The taste is also very good. I always enjoy having and using this particular vape, and I appreciate all its features and functions. Anyone would probably appreciate the effort and design that was put into making the hydrology, and they have successfully created something that is out of the ordinary but still gets the job done.

Expensive but good

Claude S
This is fairly expensive, but quality does come at a cost. I mean, I have zero regrets after buying the Hydrology. Until now, it still gives me the best and most enjoyable vaping sessions. I did own a vape once that caused irritation in my throat, and contrast that experience with the one I get with Hydrology and I am reminded why I decided to go with a quality product. It does not combust the herbs and it produces a cool, light vapor. This is among my favorite vapes I use it regularly.

Very impressive

Vapey the bear
If there’s a must have right now that all vapor users must at least experience, it is the Hydrology 9. Ads and reviews were not kidding when they said the hydrology reinvents your vaping experience. I cannot get over the initial excitement of finally having this device in my hand because it is so awesome! This vape is very solid and solves many of the problems I’ve had with other vapes. Using it with dry herbs and the vapor quality is smooth and light, and device makes a lot of clouds, which is the way I like it. Battery life and portability are a huge plus. Again, not the cheapest but definitely among the must-haves and must-try vapes today.

Leaks alot?

Had a small, minor hiccup with using the Hydrology. Got it weeks ago and it leaks water when I turn it upside down. I am not particularly thrilled with having to clean it up everytime I try to refill the chamber, which I need to do more often because the device’s cycles are quite short. However, this is not much of a deal breaker to me and I see no similar experiences. Checked the device and maybe it’s specific to the one I got since I see a gap. Mailed customer service about it already. I still consider this a minor hiccup since vapor quality is still the best when using this vape.

MV Comment: Device was faulty and has now been replaced. No more leakage reported.

Impressively awesome

Hank Hill
My one and only consideration is the vapor quality. I heard about the hydrology and instantly knew I had to try it. The hits are smooth, light and clean. I can perfectly taste the substance without a “burning” smell or other glitches that some vapes give its users. For this alone, I am already very much happy with the hydrology. I have nothing more to say about its build because I think it is perfect. When manufacturers listen to customers, you get a device that is close to perfect. Vapor quality of the hydrology already won me over but it’s battery, accuracy and efficiency took it a mile further than the other devices I owned.


Purple Cloud
I think it is good to be suspicious when products are advertised like they are the next big thing to hit the market. Naturally, I had to watch and read a few reviews before buying the Hydrology. I think water filtration is a fascinating idea that really adds to the vaping experience, and makes the flavor more light and easy. I am a fan of the hydrology not just because of its solid build and low-maintenance feature, but more because of how it works to give me excellent vapor quality without burning the material. Best vaping experience is when I have it at purple setting. It is also colorful and fun, which is good for people like me who have a monochromatic life.

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