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Magic Flight - Power Adapter 2.1

Magic Flight - Power Adapter 2.1
Magic Flight - Power Adapter 2.1 Magic Flight - Power Adapter 2.1 Magic Flight - Power Adapter 2.1 Magic Flight - Power Adapter 2.1

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The new Magic-Flight Power Adapter 2.1 replaces your need for batteries and is an inexhaustible power source when plugged in at home or in your car with the included car adapter. It delivers steady power for perfect and consistent sessions with your Launch Box every time.

The built-in power dial gives you complete control over your vaporizing experience by allowing you to use your Box with a wide variety of temperature settings. It can function at cooler temperatures for your aromatherapy blends and hotter temperatures for vaporizing with your Water Pipe Whip and Concentrate Trays. The new banana plug battery design fits snugly into any generation of the Launch Box and ensures a dependable connection that stays in once inserted. Power is engaged to your Launch Box through an easy-to-press button located on the end of the battery adapter making vaporizing with your Launch Box easier than ever.

Magic Flight have a 1 year warranty on the Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1.


  • Power Adapter 2.1
  • A/C Wall Adapter Plug
  • 12v Car Adapter Plug
  • Power Adapter Flight Guide
  • Includes US/EU to UK Adapter

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Manufacturer Magic-Flight

Reviews of Magic Flight - Power Adapter 2.1

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best accessory to get

This changed the game for me. I never really felt that the mflb worked and felt like I wasted my money when I bought it. The power adapter however changed everything. No need to find charged batteries with this handy device. It allows you to change power levels as well. I really have no complaints for it. The MFLB kits should just come with a power adapter. It seems like its a necessity to get the most use out of your vape.

Does the trick

Really enjoy not having to worry about the charge on my batteries, just stick it in adjust the temp press the button and your off, very easy master quality of the MFLB goes way up definitely a solid purshase.

Worth to upgrade

I just got the new power adapter and for what it's worth, it rocks.

The only downside to it is that because of the power cord, it feels like the Launch Box is actually heavier than it really is. However, after a couple of uses, I got used to it.

It is really nice not to have to use batteries all the time.

Wow. Just wow!

The difference between using this adapter and the original batteries is astronomical. I get more dense vape and never have to worry about insufficient power.

Definitely get this one if you are tired of the hassles with batteries.

What a difference!

When I first bought the MFLB I got disappointed over the weak batteries that ran out of juice so fast so I'm delighted they came up with this accessory to fix that problem.

A must buy if you want your launch box to match the other portable vaporizers on the market.

A gamechanger!

Sidney Sam
I had grown accustomed to always making sure my batteries were reloaded, but after getting this adapter I now only use batteries when on the go.

To me it seems like the vapor quality is better and I've experimented with the power dial to get the perfect vapor and found that starting at 6 for the first two trenches and then moving up to 8 creates dense vapor

I can recommend this adapter to everyone who want to unlock the true power of their Launch Box!

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