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DaVinci - Dosage Grinder


The Dosage Grinder from DaVinci is a unique grinder that not only grinds, but can also funnel the grinded herbs into the capsules. This high quality aluminium device has been crafted from the finest materials and only takes a few seconds to grind up your herbs into perfect consistency while filtering them through to the DaVinci stainless steel pods (sold separately) or ceramic pods (sold separately).

Using the dosage grinder to fill up the capsules is the easiest and cleanest way. Each capsule can hold up to 0.2 g of herbs, so if you load the grinder with 1.2 g of herbs you can fill six capsules simultaneously. You can also choose to use it as a normal grinder if you don't add the capsules to the bottom part.

Intended for use with: DaVinci IQC.