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Dry herb vaporizers for cannabis

Dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are unique in that they allow you to heat herbs to a temperature where they extract their active ingredients without burning them. In doing so, you get the best vaping experience possible from your herbs. Here at MagicVaporizers, we’ve tried many devices to ensure that we bring you the very best selection.

As you will see below, our dry herb vapes are of the highest quality. When you invest in any of these units, you can expect optimal vapour with every session. We have a price range that you’re sure to love, featuring high-end vaporizers and affordable entries, too!

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  1. XMax V3 Pro - Small
    XMax V3 Pro

    £89 £99

    • Heating up in 15 seconds
    • Pure convection heating
    • 100°C to 220°C temperature range
  2. Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer Small
    Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer UK

    £275 £359

    • 60 seconds heat-up time
    • Ceramic coated chamber
    • 25 minutes faster charging
  3. DynaVap M7 - Small
    DynaVap M7


    • Manual heating for complete control
    • Textured stem for enhanced grip and heat dissipation
    • Available in XL size
  4. Venty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel - Small
    Venty Vaporizer UK


    • Heats up in just 20 seconds
    • Adjustable airflow via dial
    • Bluetooth and Web App connectivity
  5. Wolkenkraft ÄRiS Ultra - Small
    Wolkenkraft ÄRiS Ultra


    • Precise temperature settings (100-220°C)
    • Convection heating in a titanium chamber
    • 5 year warranty
  6. Arizer Solo 3 - Small
    Arizer Solo 3 UK


    • Heats up under 15 seconds
    • On-demand mode
    • XL glass tube with 0.5 g capacity
  7. Tinymight 2 - Small
    Tinymight 2


    • On-demand and session mode
    • 100% convection heating
    • Made in Finland
  8. PAX Plus - Small
    PAX Plus

    £169 £219

    • Discreet, durable and smart design
    • Adjustable chamber size (0.25 to 0.5 g)
    • For herbs and concentrates
  9. DynaVap M+ - Small
    DynaVap M+ (Plus)

    £69 £99

    • Manually heated
    • Finless design for enhanced performance
    • Microdose-ready with adjustable bowl
  10. Wolkenkraft FX Mini Ultra - Small
    Wolkenkraft FX Mini Ultra


    • Takes only 25 second to heat up
    • Faster USB-C charging
    • 5 year warranty
  11. Mighty Vaporizer
    Mighty Vaporizer UK

    £199 £319

    • 90 seconds heat-up
    • Precise temperature control
    • 2 hours of battery life
  12. AirVape X Vaporizer
    AirVape X

    £89 £129

    • Easy to use and easy to clean
    • 20 seconds heat-up time
    • Convection-conduction hybrid heating
  13. XMax Starry V4 - Small
    XMax Starry V4

    £89 £109

    • Fast heat up time (30 seconds)
    • Adjustable airflow
    • Precise temperature control (100°C to 240°C)
  14. Arizer Solo 2 Max -  Small
    Arizer Solo 2 Max UK


    • Durable and reliable
    • Exact temperature control 50°C to 220°C
    • USB-C and use while charging
  15. AirVape Legacy Pro - Small
    AirVape Legacy Pro

    £175 £219

    • Heats up in 15 seconds
    • Now with hybrid heating (convection and conduction)
    • 20% bigger chamber for longer sessions
  16. PAX Mini - Small
    PAX Mini

    £99 £129

    • Easy to use
    • Heats up under 30 seconds
    • Ultra portable
  17. XLux Roffu - Small
    XLux Roffu by XVape


    • True convection heating
    • Heats up in 20 seconds
    • Session and on-demand mode
  18. Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
    Volcano Hybrid UK

    £395 £529

    • Pure convection vapour via tube or balloon
    • Heats up in under 40 seconds
    • Large digital display with touch buttons
  19. Flowermate Aura Vaporizer
    Flowermate Aura

    £59 £79

    • Pen-shaped and discreet
    • 2 hours of battery life
    • Very easy to use
  20. CRAFTY+ Vaporizer
    Crafty+ Vaporizer UK

    £195 £259

    • Visible vapour within 60 seconds
    • USB-C charging
    • Weighs only 135 g
  21. Arizer XQ2 - Small
    Arizer XQ2 UK

    £179 £239

    • The latest stationary vaporizer from Arizer
    • Advanced convection heating
    • Dynamic coloured LED lights
  22. Angus vaporizer - Small
    Angus Vaporizer


    • Innovative halogen heating
    • Heats up in 90 seconds
    • Dosing capsules included
  23. Boundless CFX+ - Small
    Boundless CFX+ (Plus)

    £125 £179

    • Large colour display
    • Powerful heating up to 221°C
    • Removable air path made of Zirconia
  24. Volcano Classic Vaporizer
    Volcano Classic UK

    £289 £349

    • Vapour via balloons
    • 9 temperature levels up to 230°C
    • Advanced and reliable technology
  25. Arizer Air Max - Small
    Arizer Air Max UK

    £169 £229

    • Heats up in under a minute
    • Upgraded battery (5500 mAh)
    • USB-C charging
  26. Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer
    Flowermate V5 Nano

    £89 £99

    • Digital temperature control up to 230°C
    • 2500 mAh swappable battery
    • OLED screen and haptic feedback
  27. Wolkenkraft Äris - Small
    Wolkenkraft ÄRiS

    £115 £149

    • Strong 2300 mAh battery
    • Innovative air path
    • Precise temperature from 160 to 221°C
  28. XVape Fog Pro - Small
    XVape Fog Pro

    £85 £109

    • Heats to 180°C in only 15 seconds
    • Pure convection heating
    • Replaceable 3200 mAh battery
  29. DaVinci IQC - Small
    DaVinci IQC

    £159 £199

    • Removable 3000 mAh battery
    • Precise temperature control (0 to 221°C)
    • Charges in 2 hours with USB-C
  30. Fenix NEO - Small
    Fenix NEO


    • 100% convection heating
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Comfortable to hold and easy to use
  31. Flowermate Stylo - Small
    Flowermate Stylo

    £109 £129

    • Large oven size (0.5 g)
    • 3000 mAh battery
    • Full temperature range (150°C to 230°C)
  32. PAX 3 Vaporizer
    PAX 3 Vaporizer

    £149 £219

    • 15 seconds heat-up time
    • Discreet and pocket-sized
    • 10-year warranty
  33. Wolkenkraft FX Mini - Small
    Wolkenkraft FX Mini

    £95 £99

    • Discreet and lightweight
    • Convection heating up to 221°C
    • For both herbs and concentrates
  34. DynaVap VonG (i): Titanium - Small
    DynaVap VonG (i): Titanium

    £149 £169

    • Interchangeable parts
    • Great combined with water tools (10 & 14 mm)
    • Easy to keep clean
  35. FocusVape Pro S Premium Vaporizer
    FocusVape Pro S Premium

    £89 £149

    • Includes a bubbler attachment
    • Replaceable 3200 mAh battery
    • OLED display with two-button control
  36. Flowermate V5.0S Pro V2 Vaporizer
    Flowermate V5.0S Pro V2

    £99 £135

    • Fully isolated air path
    • Great battery life (2 × 2600 mAh)
    • Adjustable air flow
  37. Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer
    Arizer Extreme Q UK

    £134 £159

    • For use with balloon or whip
    • Convection heating up to 260°C
    • Includes remote control
  38. Fenix 2.0 Vaporizer
    Fenix 2.0 Vaporizer

    £109 £169

    • 4400 mAh battery
    • Session control
    • Heats up in 10 to 30 seconds
  39. Hydrology 9 NX - Small
    Hydrology 9 NX

    £239 £259

    • Separate heating chambers for herbs and concentrate
    • Herbs: 180°C - 235°C • Concentrate: 290°C - 410°C
    • Built-in water filtration for cool vapour
  40. Arizer ArGo Vaporizer
    Arizer ArGo UK

    £124 £209

    • Digital display and three-button control
    • 60-second heating time
    • Very low maintenance
  41. AirVape Xs GO Vaporizer
    AirVape Xs GO

    £48 £64

    • Lightweight and discreet
    • 20-second heat-up time
    • 5 temperature options (180°C to 215°C)
  42. Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer
    Arizer Solo 2 UK

    £134 £189

    • Lightweight, comfortable and durable
    • 3 hours of battery life
    • Pure glass vapour path
  43. Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer
    Arizer V-Tower UK

    £98 £115

    • Heat options from 50°C to 260°C
    • Triple heat sensors
    • 360-degree rotatable whip
  44. DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer
    DaVinci MIQRO-C


    • 3 modes: Precision, Smart Path and Boost
    • Adjustable chamber (0,1 – 0,25 g)
    • Replaceable battery (900 mAh)
  45. Plenty Vaporizer
    Plenty Vaporizer UK

    £189 £229

    • Unique cooling steel coil
    • Top-quality, durable materials
    • Extra-wide chamber for group sessions
  46. Boundless CFX
    Boundless CFX

    £99 £149

    • Hybrid convection-conduction heat
    • Heats up in just 20 seconds
    • Clean look and solid build
  47. Boundless Vexil - Small
    Boundless Vexil

    £79 £89

    • Portable and easy to use
    • Conduction heating up to 212ºC
    • High-quality materials
  48. Boundless Tera Vaporizer
    Boundless Tera V3

    £145 £189

    • Concentrate mode at 260°C
    • Replaceable batteries
    • 30 to 40 second heat-up time
  49. DynaVap Omni - Small
    DynaVap Omni

    £169 £199

    • Manually heated
    • Adjustable bowl and airflow
    • Made of titanium
  50. Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer
    Boundless CFC 2.0

    £65 £79

    • Heats up in 30 seconds
    • Conduction heating and improved airflow
    • Battery lasts for up to 15 sessions
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Why Dry Herb Vaporizers?

There’s a lot to be lost when your herbs are heated up using traditional smoking methods. Not only do you burn up an unnecessary amount of your valuable herbs, but you lose out on taste and aroma, as well. If you cherish your herbs, you’re going to want to stick to vaping. Why?

When you use a dry herb vaporizer, your herbs are heated at lower temperatures. In fact, only the required amount of heat is used. And in doing so, you don’t end up wasting away your herbs. This happens when other heating methods are used instead of a vaporizer.

Similar to loading a pipe, you simply load up how much herb you want, activate your dry herb vape, and enjoy the high-quality vapour. As mentioned, it not only smells better, but it tastes better, too. The difference is night and day and one that you’re going to want to experience if you haven’t already.

We offer a wide variety of dry herb vapes that are to please everyone. No matter what your needs and preferences are, we’re sure that we’ve got a dry herb vape for you. Feel free to shoot us a line if you have any questions about our extensive line of vapes.

Stationary Dry Herb Vaporizers

As the name indicates stationary vaporizers are meant to stay in mostly the same place, and that is due to their size and that they need electricity from an outlet. Even though you lose some flexibility, in return you get access to the most powerful heating and you never have to worry about charging batteries.

Stationary vaporizers are for people who enjoy bigger bowls and vaping in the comfort of the home. Some stationary vaporizers use a balloon to add the vapour to first, while others let you take a hit from a whip. Some, like the Arizer Extreme Q and Volcano Hybrid lets you do both!

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

Want to use your vaporizer when you are outside? How about a portable dry herb vaporizer that fits in your pocket! Although they aren’t as powerful or durable, portable vaporizers are extremely convenient. With a portable vaporizer you can enjoy vapour anywhere, whether it’s to your friend's house or on a trip.

Before getting a portable dry herb vaporizer you have a lot of choices to consider as manufacturers continually innovate and improve. Look out for choices like digital temperature control, removable batteries, smartphone apps, special heating profiles, and a lot more.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

Even though it's hard to determine what is the best dry herb vaporizer for you, we have selected two of our favourites we think you should give an extra look:

A cannabis vaporizer named DynaVap M

DynaVap M

If you value your privacy and want a dry herb vape that you can easily conceal, the DynaVap M is the perfect addition to your collection. Made from beautiful stainless steel and built to last, this durable yet lightweight unit is no bigger than a pen!

As a manually controlled dry herb vape, you get to choose what kind of heating is used to vape your herb. Feel free to use a blowtorch or lighter – whatever suits you best. You’ll know when you have reached the necessary temperature, as the DynaVap M is equipped with a clicking cap that makes a sound when ready.

It’s ideal for slipping in your pocket yet offers a quality vaping experience through and through. You’ll also find a handy bowl that accommodates micro-dosing on the go. Perhaps best of all, you can pick up this portable dry herb vape at a budget-friendly price. It’s tough, convenient, and easy to use. What more could you ask for?

Mighty Vaporizer, a dry herb cannabis vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty Vaporizer is one of the most popular portable dry herb vaporizers on the market, and we’re pleased to offer it to you. If you’re looking for power and flexibility, this is the device for you. Not only is it made of the highest quality, with premium components and durable construction, but it also offers truly exceptional vapour.

When you use this dry herb vaporizer, you are in control of how much heat is used to vape your herbs. What’s more, you can look forward to incredible battery life when you choose the Mighty Vaporizer. In fact, you get 120 minutes of continuous vaping power on a single charge!

But be warned; the Mighty is mighty large. If you’re looking for optimal portability, you might want to look into a different unit. Its massive size makes it hard to slip into your pocket. That said, it will fit into a bag or purse just fine.

Considering the exceptional vaping experience that the Mighty delivers, the larger size is understandable and acceptable by all who use it. It’s a bit more pricey than other dry herb vapes, but the quality is top of the line and worth the price of admission.


We encourage you to check out the rest of MagicVaporizers for all of your vaping needs. We are pleased to share our extensive selection of vaporizers with you, as we are sure you will appreciate all that we have to offer.

You will find plenty of dry herb vaporizers, portable devices, and stationary vapes to fit your needs. If you have any questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to lend a helping hand and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!