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MIGHTY Vaporizer


£279 Save £30

MIGHTY Vaporizer
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£279 Save £30


£279 Save £30

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of MIGHTY Vaporizer on 10 Nov. 2018.

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The MIGHTY vaporizer has arrived! This vaporizer is hand-crafted in Germany by Storz & Bickel, the makers of the Volcano Vaporizer, and is constructed of top quality materials for first-rate durability and functionality.

By utilizing a combination of conduction and convection heating, the MIGHTY heats up in seconds to deliver dense, visible clouds of vapor whether you're vaporizing aromatherapy blends, oils or waxes. Inside MIGHTY you will find a clever cooling unit that can be taken apart for easy cleaning. Thanks to the dual Lithium batteries the battery life of the MIGHTY is 1,5 to 2 hours and to reduce battery waste it also has a clever auto-shutoff function.

The MIGHTY's vapor quality is similar to the Volcano: dense, aromatic, and pure. Unlike other portable vaporizers the MIGHTY has an effective vapor production system that makes for an enjoyable experience without the learning curve. The price for this unique device may be high, but it may well be the only vaporizer you'll ever need!

If you are looking for a more portable vaporizer that can be used with your smartphone check out MIGHTY's little brother - the CRAFTY vaporizer.


  • Full Convection Hot Air
  • 1,5 - 2 hours Battery
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Dual Lithium Ion Battery
  • High Efficiency Heat Exchanger
  • Automatic Switch Off
  • 60 seconds Warm-up
  • Large LED Display
  • Vibration Notification


Accessories (Included)

  • Power Adapter
  • Liquid Pad
  • 3x Spare Screens
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Grinder
  • Filling Aid
  • Seal Rings
  • Instruction Manual
  • Includes US/EU to UK Adapter

Dual Lithium Battery

The MIGHTY features a Dual-Lithium-Ion Battery that lasts for hours of continuous use. The battery double-pack allows a long operating life and a great radius of action. The MIGHTY can be operated via power adapter with completely discharged batteries.


Filling Aid

You can use the included Filling Aid for a quick and clean filling of the Filling Chamber, which is integrated into the Vaporizer. In place of the Cooling Unit, the Filling Aid is attached on top of the Filling Chamber. The Cooling Unit assures that the vapor cools down and guarantees an optimal and rich aroma. 


Quick Heating

The MIGHTY vaporizer features a wide heating chamber and a high efficiency heat exchanger to provide visible vapor right from the first use. The unit also features an LED display to give users precise control of their vaporizing temperature. The MIGHTY can reach it's set temperature in approximately 60 seconds. 



The MIGHTY Vaporizer comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty, restricted to normal use.

Additional Information

Can vaporize Herbs, Oils, Waxes
Manufacturer Storz & Bickel
Size (length x width x height) 8 x 3 x 14 cm
Vaporizer Weight 230 g
Style Black
Power Source Battery
Heating Element Convection combined with conduction heating
Vapor Delivery Method Direct
Country of Manufacture Germany
Warranty 2 years.

Reviews of MIGHTY Vaporizer

Average Rating :

4.5 Based on 34 ratings
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Worth every euro

Unstoppable Force
What a powerhouse! Not only is the Mighty Vaporizer portable and efficient, it also displays accurate temperature reading and provides for precise temperature control. This vaporizer also has a wide range of temperature. Honestly, this product is so easy to use that you’ll instantly realize you have purchased a gem. At least, that’s how happy I am with the product!

Really, this is an excellent product, releasing vapor that is cool and smooth. Vapor quality is outstanding, just like the whole product itself! The unit also has two rechargeable batteries so it helps me tremendously, especially when I’m on the go. I am highly recommending this product. In fact, I already blabbered about its great quality to friends and family!

Satisfied customer

First of all, the product was delivered on time, which I think says a lot about the company. So, that’s a plus for the makers of Mighty Vaporizer. Second, I immediately noticed the quality of the product. It is definitely well-made. It looks durable and very sturdy. Because the pieces seemed to be tightly fit together, I actually thought I would dread cleaning this vaporizer. Alas! It was pretty easy! The parts come apart easily so I had no problem cleaning the unit. Vapor quality is also very smooth and cool.

I have nothing but praises for the Mighty Vaporizer and its makers. This product puts to shame many subpar vaporizers in the market! This is definitely a great purchase!

Smooth hits, thick clouds

I may be too drawn in with the Mighty already, because I think that other vaporizers don’t compare to this one. Aside from great service,I find that it helps to energize my mornings. There are also no horrible smoke taste, unlike other vaporizers in the market. This product gives you much smoother hits and great battery life, there’s just no going back to the other vapes that I previously used. I actually bought a spare one just in case I lose the first one or would need something as a gift.

It is a high quality product and without question, I give it five stars!


This is my first vaporizer and I think this was a very good purchase! Tried to contact customer support before buying the product, especially because this is my first time purchasing something like this online. They've helped me with the decision tremendously! Customer support guided me through all the vaporizer choices professionally, and they were quite helpful, so thank you for that! Delivery time was accurate as well, so that's another plus one from me!

As for the product itself, customer support already oriented me with the functions and use, but it is still beyond what I imagined. The Mighty is indeed mighty! It is both portable and efficient. I am highly recommending this. Definitely worth your money!

This f*ing auto-shutoff

I would give the Mighty vaporizer a five star for its amazing features, if not for its auto-shut off function which annoys me greatly. I have to continuously press a button before a minute runs out, or the vaporizer turns off. Pressing the power button every so often is a bit of a bother but I guess this is one of the compromises we have to make for the sake of having a quality vaporizer. I actually still think that this is the best vaporizer in the market. I do not regret having purchased the Mighty Vaporizer, especially because all its other features exceeded my expectations.

Nothing but love

Herman Trout
The Mighty is an excellent unit. I absolutely love it! I watched several videos about it before deciding on the purchase, and it performs exactly as advertised! Recommending this product because I have no complaints about it. It also helps that customer service is very keen on guiding me through the product and its functions.

I think this is the best hand held vape in the market so far. I actually used a Crafty before, but this one is a proving to be a better upgrade with a longer battery life, improved efficiency and portability. Consider me a very satisfied customer!

Quality > quantity

Quality does indeed necessitate investment. I recommend the Mighty to all those looking to buy one, because it certainly lives up to its name! It is portable so I consider it one of my new favorite travel companions. Though it has an automatic shut off which can be a bit annoying, I understand that it is necessary. I decided to stick to using the product for around a month before I decided to write this review, and I still have no problems with the vaporizer yet!

Honestly, don’t bother with the cheap models that you’ll have to replace every now and then.

Best vape I have used

The Mighty is very suited for my needs! I used a previous one that I bought cheaply but had problems with cleaning it. In the end, the old unit I used eventually broke down. With the Mighty, I seldom had any problems and I cannot emphasize how good the vapor quality is. The temperature control too is easy to use and has a wide range for whichever suits my preference. This product is worth it! The manufacturers did an amazing job in mixing air quality, durability and battery life.

Magic vaporizers customer support is also very friendly. They responded to me professionally when I emailed to ask about the rechargeable batteries. All in all, this is a must-have!

Great purchase

I think that the Mighty is among those with the highest vapor quality. It is not hot, it tastes good, and it’s both cool and very smooth. I usually use the vapor quality as measurement if the product is worth it or not, and this vaporizer is really among the best! Battery life is also double with Mighty, since it has two rechargeable batteries. For me, this is definitely a plus. It is actually one of the reasons why I decided to buy the it. I can use it for around 90 minutes or so before I have to recharge the batteries again. Five thumbs up for this product! It was definitely a great purchase!

Too much overheating

This would have been a great purchase if the battery didn’t occasionally overheat. It is a bit irritating when you are using a product and you get a message to unplug it for around 15 minutes or so. It is also a bit difficult to clean which is definitely a negative. I actually had to buy a spare cooling chamber so I can still use the vaporizer while I clean the cooling chamber. I think this could still be improved. If the Mighty Vaporizer and its manufacturers can find a way to fix this, then I might consider continuing with the product. For now, I will hold off my recommendation to anyone wanting to purchase this vaporizer.

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