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Arizer V-Tower

Arizer V-Tower
Arizer V-Tower Arizer V-Tower - Electric Solo Vaporizer Arizer V-Tower - Accessories Included

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of Arizer V-Tower on 17 Nov. 2016

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The Arizer V-Tower is an electric vaporizer suitable for everyday use. Featuring an LCD digital display, a high quality whip, automatic power off and a ceramic heating element covered by a lifelong warranty. Due to the V-Towers whip-based design it's recommended for solo users while the big brother in the series - the Arizer Extreme Q - is more convenient for group usage.

By using an independent chamber the V-Tower is preventing the material from ever coming in contact with the heating element which saves you cleaning time and allows for a smoother vaporization. The outside consists of a well crafted frame that is painted in a modern midnight chrome finish.

Need more info? Read the detailed product description and genuine user reviews below!


  • New Midnight Chrome Finish
  • More Compact Design
  • New Clear View LCD Screen
  • Fast Ceramic Heating Element
  • Precise Temperature Control with Triple Heat Sensors
  • Redesigned with Solid State Circuitry
  • Extra Long High Quality Whip


Accessories (included):

  • Instruction Manual
  • Vaporizer Whip
  • Whip Mouthpiece
  • Aromatherapy Bowl
  • Glass Cyclone Bowls
  • Vaporizer Stir Tool
  • Vaporizer Screen Pack
  • Power Cord
  • Includes US/EU to UK Adapter


Material and Display

As the ceramic heating element is protected by a dual wall of stainless steel the V-Tower remains cool enough to touch during vaporization. Inside the vaporizer is the chamber that is capsuled by a non toxic insulation separating the heat element from the material. The crystal clear LCD display with blue lightning is easy to read and allows for easy temperature adjustment.


Arizer Tech designed the V-Tower to be as durable and effective as possible which lead them to the vertical design. By utilizing this design the air is allowed to distribute evenly and release all aroma from your aromatherapy blends. Attached to the top is their patented Cyclone Bowl which by many is regarded as the top chamber bowl currently in stores. All the glass included has been heat tested and is of lab grade class.


Vaporizer Whip System

Included in the kit is the extra long whip made of medical grade, non-toxic tubing. As the aroma is of highest priority any part of the whip is made of heat tested glass, meaning no health risks or rubber feeling! The attachment bowl that connects with the Cyclone and mouthpiece are made of glass that's not only easy to clean but also to interchange. This allows you to have a germ-free session even if you are with friends during the flu season. The whip is able to rotate 360 degrees around the V-Tower which makes the passing of whip among friends a breeze.


Auto Shut-Off Feature

The V-Tower has an automatic shut-off feature built into it with a 2 or 4 hour setting. No more worrying if you forgot to turn the vaporizer off!



The electronics of the Arizer V-Tower are covered by a 3 year guarantee while the ceramic heating element is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Additional Information

Remove Compare Link No
Can vaporize Herbs, Oils, Waxes
Manufacturer Arizer Tech
Size (length x width x height) 16,5 x 16,5 x 16,5 cm
Vaporizer Weight 387 g
Style Silver
Power Source Plug-In
Heating Element Ceramic
Vapor Delivery Method Whip
Country of Manufacture Canada
Warranty 3 years

Reviews of Arizer V-Tower

Average Rating :

4.8 Based on 17 ratings
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Totally satisfied

We have been using the V Tower for a little over a week now. The learning curve wasn’t as tough as I’d imagined, we’re getting the hang of setting the proper temps, there’s still more to learn and to vape. For a couple who had never vaporized before, we are convinced it’s the only way to go after experiencing the V tower. Quick and painless (free) delivery, and great pricing, the whole package. We will be back. Thanks MagicVaporizers

Love it

Had this for about a month and love it!! Took a few tries to get the temp/flow down but after some experimenting found the sweet spot. Great service from friends at MV

Buy buy buy

Ordered on Friday and received the item on Monday! (Very fast shipping) These guys are great to deal with and have a high level of service. I would recommend the Arizer Extreme Q if you want to take advantage of the fan option (for balloons) and the extra essentials you get.

Nonethless, I would definitely recommend them and look forward to another future purchase.

almost perfect

The only reason I give it 4 stars in design is because it doesn't have a valve for when you use the bag. Other than that I have used it every day for the last year and a half and it works perfect every time.

5 out of 5

This is a very good vaporizer for those who don't want to spend like €500 on a Volcano.

works for me

I chose the v tower because of its cheaper price compared to the extreme q. I was worried it might not be high quality, but i was wrong! My v tower works great everytime, and the vapor quality is excellent. If you're looking for a low-price arizer stationary, you should definitely consider one of thes!

Much love!

Hey every one hows it going?. 1st off let me do my duty and give my two pennies about this product. " I LOVE IT" In fact I never have never vaporized ever before so i was so thrilled that I cant stop. lmao.. I am serious. Ok the reason i never tried it before was because i have heard about vaporizers for a while but could never believe it worked. it just didn't add up i couldn't conceive the fact really being true. turned the heat to 375 f blamma- dammm- boom . This is the shit. Let me say this again I love this product and if one day i can afford the big boy Volcano or what ever its called i will get it too.

100% worth it but costly!

Homer S
I looooooooooove it! even though the price is a bit high therefor 4 instead of 5

The smell is flawless. way better than the vape i had before and I love how the glass pieces sit together perfectly.

definitely a buy I would say!

very satisfied

I made my research and found that the V Tower was the best bang for the buck one can get. I was a bit worried that they dont make it as high quality as the more expensive Q model. But when i received the package a day after i ordere.....which was very cool BTW.... i compared it to my friends Extreme Q.

They are exactly the same, mine just doesnt have the ability to blow up bags. But thats ok.....i didnt know if vaping is for me so i didnt want to spend too much. Now that I know its really cool to have a vape sitting around at home, my next upgrade is to the volcano, when I finally get my D^&% promotion!

thanks to Magicvaporizers!

Just wow

Dr Greenthumb
I also chose this model over the Q because the bag is not something I was interested in. Customer service was awesome, including extremely quick delivery and more extras in the box than I expected. This machine is very economical, very fast to get ready, easy to use and looks innocuous when you remove the tubing. Thanks to all of you for a very pleasant experience and rest assured, I will be a returning customer.

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