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Boundless CFX


£149 Save £60

Boundless CFX
Boundless CFX - Mouthpiece Boundless CFX - Digital display Boundless CFX - Herb Chamber Boundless CFX - Included in the package Boundless CFX


£149 Save £60


£149 Save £60

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of Boundless CFX on 17 Jul. 2020.

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Boundless CFX from Ontario-based Boundless Vape Technology is a portable vaporizer with the features and performance of high-end brands, yet for a fraction of the price. Its heating chamber has been developed both to improve the efficiency of extraction and deliver vapour that’s dense and full of flavour. Choose your favourite temperature between 37 °C and 221 °C with the help of the beautiful OLED display, wait for the unit to vibrate to indicate that the temperature is reached and proceed to draw in dense vapour from your material of choice. The Boundless CFX can vaporize dry herbs without accessories and waxes/oils with the help of the included pod.

Two powerful 2500 mAh batteries heat the unit up in just 20-25 seconds and allow for up to 15 vaping cycles per charge. The Boundless CFX is charged with a USB cable, meaning you can recharge your battery in most places without carrying around a bulky adapter. A full charge takes about two hours. CFX’s compact and durable design makes it easy to fit the unit into your pocket when you need to vape away from home. The mouthpiece is secured magnetically and twists into place.

Available in Black.


  • Fully isolated air path
  • 20-second heat-up time, powerful 80-watt heating element
  • Complete temperature control (37 °C–221 °C)
  • Digital OLED screen (4.3 cm)
  • Switch between Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C)
  • Easy and consistent vapour (all types of grind)
  • Large-capacity chamber
  • Suitable for dry herbs and concentrates


Performance-wise, the Boundless CFX rivals the best portable vaporizers, which is pretty remarkable considering its price. If you are looking for a portable, easy to use, powerful vaporizer with adjustable temperature settings and a quick heat-up time that can deliver thick vapour clouds, look no further because the CFX was made for you. 


Accessories (Included)

  • USB cable
  • Liquid/Wax pod
  • Packing/dabber tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual
  • EU to UK power adapter


Incredible Power

With 80 W of power, the Boundless CFX heat-up time is fantastic (at just under 20 seconds), while that amount of power is guaranteed to get you dense and flavourful vapour from the very first draw too. To preserve the 2500 mAh of battery life stored in the two integrated batteries, the CFX has a 5-minute auto shut-off feature. On a full charge, you can expect up to 15 cycles of 5-minute vaping sessions.


The CFX convection technology works by drawing air through the bottom of the unit where the heating element is located up through the ceramic heating chamber, meaning that the herbs never come in direct contact with the heating element.


Discrete Design

Boundless CFX has a modern look with a crystal-clear OLED display and a solid grip. This vape looks just like a cell phone and can fit in any of your pockets. The unit measures 7.0 x 3.2 x 12.9 cm and its 208 g feel light in your hand. The exterior of the CFX has a silicone coating to keep the vape cool during vaping sessions while simultaneously making the CFX more resistant to wear and tear.


How it’s Used

Reveal the opening to the herb chamber by simply sliding the mouthpiece that is locked magnetically away from the body of the vaporizer. Put finely ground herbs into the chamber and slide it back. Start up the CFX by pushing the power button 5 times within 2 seconds and proceed by using the up and down arrows while looking at the display to select your preferred temperature. In about 20 seconds, the unit will reach the selected temperature and you can start drawing in those dense vapour clouds.


If you wish to vaporize concentrates such as wax or oils, simply use the included dabber tool to fill the concentrate pod and insert it into the chamber.


For the best vapour quality, vaporize dry herbs at 185–200 °C, boosting the temperature by a couple of degrees in the second half of the session to get the most out of your herb. Wax and concentrates vaporize well at the same temperature throughout the whole session, so set the CFX to about 190–205 °C, depending on the consistency of the wax, and keep it at that. When vaping oil, stick around 185–200°C. In any case, the Boundless CFX vaporizer will deliver quality, crystal-clear vapour every time.



All Boundless CFX vaporizers sold by MagicVaporizers, an authorized distributor of Boundless Vapes Technology, are completely authentic and backed by a 2-year warranty.

Additional Information

Can vaporize Herbs, Oils, Waxes
Manufacturer Boundless Vape Technology
Size (length x width x height) 7,0 x 3,2 x 12,9 cm
Vaporizer Weight 208 g
Style Black
Power Source Dual Lithium-Ion Batteries, Total 2500mAh
Heating Element 80w Hybrid Convection/Conduction Heater
Vapor Delivery Method Direct
Country of Manufacture China
Warranty 2 years

Reviews of Boundless CFX

Average Rating :

4.4 Based on 28 ratings
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This is a powerhouse vape that gets the job done without any fuss

With the right temp, you can get thick and dense clouds with the boundless cfx. The flavor is also really nice and potent. This is really a quality product and you get a decent deal given its price. Maintenance is quite easy and having at around is no problem at all. Yes, it is a bit heavier and bigger than most portable vapes but not so much as to be an inconvenience. The cfx is a solid device that can satisfy! I would even recommend it to beginners since it is easy to use and has very minimal learning curve.

A masterpiece

The cfx is affordable yet it has so many amazing features that makes it a quality device. The boundless cfx is one of those products that remind us that quality need not be very expensive. At this price, I got an amazing and versatile vape which can accommodate herbs, wax and oils. The performance is consistent regardless of the material you use. The complete digital temp control is also one of the strongest feature of this vape, which allows for smooth, cool and potent vapor. It is also very simple to use with a haptic feedback function for more easy and hassle-free vaping. Love this device.

Does what its suppose to

Draw resistance is moderate and flavor is decent. Vapor is smooth and cool and the device is easy to use. Battery life too is decent and it is portable enough to accompany me on travels. I have a good and stable relationship with the Boundless CFX. It gives me what I want and doesn’t give me too much headache. The price is also affordable and it is among the best in the boundless line of vaporizers. I had the CFC and there is certainly an upgrade with the CFX. I’m satisfied with the boundless CFX and I think I got my money’s worth.

Great tech and function although subparly packaged.

Lovely unit with great and easy to clean chamber that provides good space for group-use or multi sessions. Provides adequate and fully controlled temp with almost effortless draws and nice tasting vapores. I love how easy it is to clean. and the screen guards are affordable and easy to clean too. The mouthpiece, even though plastic, is hands down one of the easiest to use and or clean and the locking mechanism is the best I ever experienced, it turns/screws into closed/locked position as well as uses magnets. Battery life is sufficient for pretty intense sessions but not exchangeable, that is always sad!
But Boundless who might be one of the leaders in vape tech use such subpare shells, it reduces the quality of the unit. It is too plasticky for my taste, it isn't necessarily cheap material choice but my preference for steadiness and overall feel, almost always, leans towards units made/covered/shield in alloy or metal body. They cool down faster too.
Neither is CFX really portable in the same sense as so many other models; this unit can never be considered stealthy. I would give it 3.75 out of 5 if that was an option cause it does not really deserve the grade 4 nor is it just a so so unit to grade as merely an average model. Unfair to the CFX model so reasonably priced and good for groups or larger sessions.

The Boundless CFX is a BEAST

This thing produces clouds and does it almost as good as the Kings of Potency: MIGHTY and CRAFTY……but for almost 1/3th of the price! The flavor is not as good though, and a true cannaseur unfortunately won’t be satisfied with the Boundless CFX. The first few hits are good, but after that it deteriorates (like with most conduction vapes). Its design is rugged not elegant, and the build quality is good. But the quality of the plastic is good and it doesn’t feel cheap either. You’re getting sick value for money with this vaporizer!

I recommend it

I've been testing the new Boundless CFX for the last several weeks and am really impressed. It heats up in only 20 seconds, uses conduction and convection heating, has a big chamber for larger loads, enough battery power to keep you going on the go and produces solid, satisfying vapor. The easy-to-read display tells you everything you need to know about your session, and did I mention it hits max temp in under 20 seconds! Would recommend this to first time users!

100% satisfied

Had it about 2 weeks now ,Absolutely brilliant , I have not combusted since I got this and I'm using a lot less herb ... Great flavour great battery and so easy to use . Worth every penny. Easy to use. Powerful. Good for several peeps at a time if they know how to vape. Would definitely recommend this product. Shipping was quick and on time. Im a Very happy customer !!!! Would definitely recommend this product!

Very pleased with the purchase.

Great airflow, works great on a perc with the adapter. A truely great item. Battery lasts for 80 mins actual vaping time which is brilliant. USB charging port a real plus as this makes the CFX truly portable when combined with a powerbank. Durable with both usb and mains plug charging options, delivers excellent quality, clean vapes with the added benefit of a wax chamber for concentrates. I honestly don't think there's a better value for money portable available.


This vape sucks!!!!!!!!

Beat the competition

Don Carlo
This is my first electronic portable and I am extremely happy with it! I've been using a Vapbong for years now and I wanted to upgrade. I needed portability, quality, control over temperature and value for money. I got all of this with the CFX. I had short listed the PAX2, the G-Pen Elite and the CFX. My main concern with the other two, was the mouthpiece getting uncomfortably hot, which was something that I had read about with some reviews. This isn't a problem with the CFX. The vapour quality is excellent - thick and tasty. The battery lasts for ages, and can be charged via USB or the included power adaptor. You have so much control over the temperature, which means that you can tailor your sessions perfectly, and I find that the 5 minute session time works really well for keeping track of how much you're vaping.

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